Community Involvement

Specialty Clinic of Austin is proud to be part of the Austin community. We participate in various initiatives geared toward fighting stigma, providing support, educating the public, and advocating for equal care.

Stigma Free Company Initiative

Specialty Clinic of Austin is proud to be a Stigma Free company. We have partnered with NAMI, the National Alliance of Mental Illness, to promote acceptance and challenge stereotypes related to mental health conditions. Taking the Stigma Free pledge involves three main steps.

  1. Learning the facts about mental illness.
    The landscape of behavioral health care is constantly growing. The expert clinicians at Specialty Clinic of Austin strive to stay abreast of cutting edge research and innovative treatment modalities, but our learning doesn’t stop here. Our clinicians also participate in clinical research and development. We believe in the power of clinical research to improve global knowledge of mental illness and advance treatment options.
  2. Seeing the person, not the condition.
    Specialty Clinic is a judgment-free zone. Our clinicians and staff remain considerate, respectful, and understanding of our patients and their challenges. We avoid using or perpetuating harmful labels and we challenge misconceptions when we see or hear them.
  3. Getting involved with mental health issues.
    Specialty Clinic works to fight stigma, provide support, educate the public, advocate for our patients, and spread awareness. Some examples of our work include participating in NAMIWALK, advocating for mental health research, and by maintaining a partnership with the SIMS Foundation.

SIMS Foundation Partnership

Specialty Clinic of Austin is proud to be a SIMS Foundation provider. The SIMS Foundation provides life-saving mental health services for the Austin music industry and their families. We support Austin’s creative community by serving within the SIMS Foundation Provider Network. Our work contributes to nearly $800,000 of in-kind services that the foundation receives as annual donations.

Read more about the SIMS Foundation here.