Is Your Teen Suffering From Depression?

With hormones, lack of maturity and less impulsive control than adults, it’s common for children and teens to struggle to manage their emotions. Frustration, disappointment and the everyday stresses of fitting in and standing out can be a difficult part of growing up. While most parents know to take their child’s poor attitude with a grain of salt, many struggle to decipher whether the patterns of behavior that lead up to these emotional episodes are normal or cause for greater concern.
It is important to note that 8 out of 100 teens are said to have serious depression. With suicide rates rising, it’s important to take a close look at your child’s behavior and proactively address these potential cries for help.
As a parent, what behavioral signs can you look for in determining whether your child has depression or if they’re just “having a moment”? It is quite common for children to demonstrate their displeasure when certain things don’t go their way. We’ve all seen it before; they can become anxious, sad, and increasingly pessimistic, and sometimes, their displeasure will turn into short-term irritability and hopelessness, and these may be normal reactions to disappointment or anger.
Symptoms that should cause concern:
– When these symptoms become more persistent and the sadness turns into feelings of guilt and helplessness
– When there is a consistent lack of energy or if they suddenly lose interest in hobbies they’ve found pleasurable
– If they can’t sleep and grow increasingly restless
If any of the above symptoms are happening with your teen, it may be time to look a bit further into their well-being. You can visit this site: for a more thorough list of symptoms to be aware of.
If your child/teen has been diagnosed with depression and you are seeking options to help support your child through this condition, the excellent staff at Biobehavioral Research in Austin (BBRA) can help! They are conducting a study for children and teens to help test new treatments that might provide better results than treatments currently on the market. The doctors at BBRA know what you are going through and are dedicated to helping children and teens who struggle with depression.


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Dr Roy Kedem, MD

Dr Zenon Andreou studied medicine at University College London, graduating in 2006. His postgraduate training was in hospitals in and around London and he trained for four years in Otolaryngology before completing his training in General practice

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