Our Treatment Approach

We aim to support the engagement and meaningful inclusion of patients at every step of the treatment process. How do we do this? By practicing Expert Care.

What is Expert Care?

Expert Care describes our model of considering a wealth of factors – including biological predispositions, problematic behaviors, innate psychological traits, specific life circumstances, and social stressors – in order to create tailored treatment plans that meet each patient’s unique needs and goals. The result is quality, individualized care. We understand there are no “one size fits all” treatment plans!

What makes Expert Care unique?

Expert Care is patient-centric, dynamic, and fluid. It relies on a very important principle: collaboration with your provider. Fostering collaborative provider-patient partnerships is the essential first step to setting and achieving your treatment goals.

How is quality self-care important to the concept of Expert Care?

We encourage our patients to practice good self-care by engaging in regular physical activity, restorative sleep, proper nutrition, social interaction, and stress reduction. Why? These lifestyle interventions are just as important to wellness as therapy and medication. While we support medication therapy when it is indicated, we never believe that it is a substitute for self-care.

How is therapy implemented?

The primary role of your Expert Care clinician is the pharmacologic management of your psychiatric condition. He or she will also provide brief supportive psychotherapy however this type of therapy is meant to complement, rather than replace, the valuable role of a trained therapist.

We have recently added two licensed psychotherapists to our Expert Care team. These individuals are available en-suite during Specialty Clinic’s regular operating hours to provide individual and family psychotherapy as well as education and training sessions for parents of children with ADHD. Our therapists accept the same major insurance plans as our Expert Care clinicians. Any patients who are unable to access our en-suite therapists for any reason may ask their Expert Care clinician for a referral to other trusted Austin area professionals.