Schizophrenia, not by choice.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia can be so well-hidden that some get by without getting diagnosed. For those who suspect they have this disease could experience two types of symptoms. The two types of symptoms are Positive Symptoms or Negative Symptoms. We will go a little more in depth as to what positive and negative symptoms could be.
First, Positive Symptoms could be anything from hallucinations, voices in their heads, to paranoia. Someone demonstrating Negative Symptoms could have decreased motivation or no facial expressions, etc. The first time someone may notice they are experiencing one of these symptoms (Positive or Negative) is called a “First break.”
The video below tells the compelling story of patients living schizophrenia and the mental health professionals who treat them. This documentary styled video shows how people diagnosed with this disease can live normal lives, while explain in even more detail what it’s like to have or be around someone with Schizophrenia.

Are you or a loved one living with Schizophrenia? You could qualify for our currently enrolling Schizophrenia Study. To see if you qualify, call us at 512-382-6661.
Source: The LEAP Institute Video:


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Dr Roy Kedem, MD

Dr Zenon Andreou studied medicine at University College London, graduating in 2006. His postgraduate training was in hospitals in and around London and he trained for four years in Otolaryngology before completing his training in General practice

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