Clinical Trials

The experts at Specialty Clinic of Austin strongly believe in expanding the currently available treatment options for mental illness. We strive to be on the cutting edge of clinical research and development because we want to see the field of psychiatry continue to expand to meet the needs of all patients.

Clinical trials are designed to expand medical knowledge regarding the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. We conduct clinical research within our outpatient clinic setting, which ultimately improves advances global knowledge of mental illness and advances sophisticated treatment options.

As a patient at Specialty Clinic of Austin you may have access to the latest clinical trials for various medical approaches, tests, drugs, or devices. Participating in these studies contributes to medical knowledge about the benefits and risks of products or interventions.

Some of our currently enrolling studies include:

  • Pediatric depression
  • Pediatric autism
  • Pediatric ADHD with impulsive aggression
  • Adult recurrent depression
  • Adult ADHD
  • Adult schizophrenia
  • Caregivers of adults with schizophrenia

Learn more about our clinical research trials by visiting our sister company’s website, BioBehavioral Research of Austin.