What To Expect

What To Expect In A Clinical Study

At BioBehavioral Research of Austin, we appreciate your participation in our studies and are dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible from application to the study’s completion.
Our goal is to use clinical studies to discover new methods of prevention, identification, and treatment of various diseases. No insurance is necessary to participate in our studies. Read below to see what you can expect when you join a study at BioBehavioral Research of Austin.

What is the screening process?

After you apply online, you will be invited to undergo several screening processes, including a phone consultation and an in-person screening. Once in the office, you will get the change to meet our staff and find out if you qualify for the study. If you do, you will be given a consent form to read over and ask questions regarding the study such as risks and time commitment.
If you do not qualify for the current study, you can still apply for other health studies. View our page for current and upcoming clinical studies.

What can I expect once I’m in a study?

Your role in a clinical study is to help doctors collect data that may enable the new medication to become eligible for FDA approval.
Each study is different, some may require daily visits or overnight stays. Other studies may require you to come in weekly or monthly and involve multiple procedures such as drawing blood or taking photographs. This information allows doctors to determine the safety and efficiency of the treatment.

Our Office

Patient comfort is paramount throughout our studies and research and every year we care for hundreds of participants in our trials. At BioBehavioral Research of Austin, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for you during the study.
For more information on our clinical trials, contact our office today.